We care for our little ones


When starting LIS LABELS, we wanted to make stylish bedding for our little ones, but we also wanted to be aware about our impact on the environment. During this journey we searched for the best quality and timeless designs for our products and for suppliers and factories who think similar about sustainability. Besides that, they want the best for their employees and can help us grow in this path about improving our impact and minimize our carbon footprint.

Our search leaded us to Europe, where we found suppliers and factories that want to have an impact on the environment as well. These companies have a long history in producing and the best knowledge about our products. Not only close to our home, but also close to build a good relationship together. We value long- term relationships so we can learn from each other and make an impact. We do this together!

Our products

Regarding our collection we try to work with the best qualities.
We create designs that in our vision are timeless and can be passed from little one to little one. Our products in plain colors are not trend minded and can be part of our collection for years. Furthermore, we prefer quality above quantity.

All our textile products carry an Oeko-tex label or a GOTS label. In short this means the following:

Carrying an Oeko-tex label means during the production process there aren’t used any harmful chemicals.
So, the product is also safe to use for your little one.
The suppliers carrying this label are also social aware about their impact on their employees. This means that the product has been produced in an environmentally friendly and human-friendly manner. The people who made the product are therefore not exposed to harmful substances and work under good working conditions. People get paid fair wages, work normal hours and you won’t see children work.

GOTS means The Global Organic Textile Standard and includes the whole production process from beginning till the end. Every aspect of this process must meet the requirements. This organic cotton doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals and the production takes place in an environmentally and socially responsible manner. Besides this there are requirements for the consumption of water and energy. GOTS also includes criteria for working conditions in production. These are based on International Labor Organization standards.

We try to pack our goods with as less plastic as possible or use our bags made from the leftovers of the fabric. Because of this, we create our own packaging for our products and the bags can be reused by the parents or the little ones. In this way we try to reduce waste.
If we do use plastic, this is recycled or recyclable plastic.

When we include other brands in our portfolio, we always want to know if their ideas about social and environmental impact is similar as ours. Besides that, the product should be stylish as well for our stylish little ones! Nowadays there are many nice brands who want to make an impact. Brands who try to help to create fair jobs and income for locals in small villages, work with only natural fibres, help people with a distance at the labor market and so on. When collaborating we can help and learn from each other.


Just as our little ones we try to learn and grow step by step, day by day!