Hi little ones, we are LIS
It’s sometimes difficult to fall asleep; we understand! You need food, you need to be changed, you need cuddles or you just don’t want to sleep. Being little isn’t easy.
Your mother, father, brother, sister.. everybody wants you to sleep well. But what if you just don’t lie comfortable under your bedding. What if you don’t like the color?
What if...the bedding is just not your style!
Well, meet LIS. We are here for you! For little ones who want to sleep in style.
We love to creating a magical bedroom for you.
LIS becomes your favorite from the very first moment you meet.
We are timeless, beautiful and made of the best quality for your soft skin.
We can also be special, silly, strong, social and smart, but always stylish!
Become a little one in style and explore our world!
We hope to meet you soon.



‘for little dreamers, for little sleepers,
for little ones in style!’